GPS Enabled Asset Tracking System

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GPS Enabled Asset Tracking System

Gain complete visibility and control over your assets and maximize their utilization

  • Centralize your asset tracking: Track your assets from anywhere and have peace of mind knowing exactly where they are at all times.
  • KeepKeep track of Asset, Anywhere: With our industry-leading tracking solution, you can keep track of both powered and unpowered assets. 
  • Increase Utilization, Cut Costs: Identify underutilized assets with our 360-degree reports and eliminate manual check-ins and yard hunts.
  • Gain Asset Visibility & Control: Visually track every asset in your fleet and see your entire inventory in real-time.
  • Secure Assets and Cargos: Set up a geofence boundary radius and even a boundary within a boundary and receive alerts about exit/entrance, the door opens and closes, and sudden vibrations to prevent theft.
  • Analytics & Reports: Extract various asset inventory management reports such as geofencing, inventory, movement, real-time and historical location information, among other things.

Asset tracking is exclusively designed for businesses to stay on top of technology

  • With integrated asset tracking, you can see your entire operation from a single location. Identify every asset within seconds.
  • The Asset Management map allows you to view non-powered assets from multiple sites. GPS asset tracking provides real-time tracking that is helpful in theft prevention and recovery.
  • With geofence alerts, you can ensure devices stay where they’re supposed to be.
  • Users can update their GPS coordinates by clicking the User update button.
  • Optimizes equipment usage by deploying assets to their highest and best use.
  • Integrated tamper protection ensures that your tracker and asset are together.