Vehicle Fleet Management System

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Vehicle Fleet Management System

All in one smart fleet management platform. Monitor unlimited fleets and optimize your fleet operation efficiently with Ameritore’s fleet management solution.

Ameritore, an easy-to-use vehicle fleet management solution — designed to help you automate fleet operations and manage your vehicles. Ameritore fleet management helps businesses to keep track of fleet and monitor their real-time location, boost driver safety, and improve vehicle fuel efficiency

Get Real-time Fleet Visibility

With intelligent, real-time fleet management data from Ameritore, know where your fleet is operating. Using the advanced fleet solutions, keep track of their vehicles – from garage to destiny

Streamline Fleet Operations

Ameritore fleet management solution effortlessly streamlines all your fleet activity with comprehensive reporting and analysis. Gain insights into your fuel efficiencies, vehicle maintenance, driver performance, and operational status of your fleet

Boost Driver Performance

Record and track drivers’ performance, organize parking, tolls, claims, and repairs with the on-demand driver performance window. Monitor drivers and make sure your fleet is ready for the next ride

Slash your fuel spend

Leverage your fleet operation with a reliable fuel management solution. Using the advanced fuel sensor of Ameritore, you can measure the precise mileage and fuel consumption of your fleets. Get more rides by saving huge on fuel costs.

Ease your Fleet Maintenance

Facing fleet maintenance woes? Ameritore simplifies Fleet maintenance and boosts vehicle uptime. Analyze every aspect of your fleet from reminders to reports.

Ameritore fleet management dashboard

User Dashboard: Using the user dashboard, we can view the total number of vehicles in the fleet that is equipped with GPS tracking devices, as well as the status of the devices, if they are online or offline due to vehicle maintenance.

User / Personal Settings: Using the user/personal settings page, users can update information such as usernames, passwords, addresses, and phone numbers in a single click.

Vehicle Settings: In the vehicle settings, the user can see information about selected vehicles, such as the vehicle identification number and the SIM card number, the current odometer value, the GPS device’s IMEI number, installation date, and the subscription renewal date. The user can also update the odometer value if there are any corrections to be made.

Daily Traveled Report: The report shows the travel details of a vehicle in 24 hours. The details of the journey, such as the kilometer traveled today, details about the engine, etc.

Speed Report: Users can download the detailed speed report for one particular vehicle or the total number of vehicles.

Playback feature: With this feature, one-year tracking data is provided, such as parking spots, ideal places, and locations of travel.